‘Solent Racing’ and ‘Solent Racing two’ (190cm x 250cm x 5cm) are mixed media works using acrylics paints, glues, stitched recycled fabrics on box edge canvas.

They will be on display at the House until it closes for the Christmas period but will be available to purchase after this. Please contact me with any enquiries or visit ‘SHOP’ for details.

Video taken after I had put the finishing touches on them in The Rotunda, before they were hung in the House.
‘Sunbeams’ is displayed in the park side entrance.

‘Sunbeams’ is an acrylic painting on a box edge canvas in a white wooden surround. It is inspired by walks on the Island and our ever-changing, ever remarkable beautiful environment. Details are listed in ‘Shop‘.

Two of the animals that are currently hanging out at Northwwod House.

The animals which are in the bar are a throw back to a project I did years ago. The Boxer is my last dog that is covered in recycled denim. It had pointy ears to start with and was just denim blue. It has also been gold, silver, white, a mod dog and now a bejewelled lounge lady!

These are part of my private collection, so are not for sale, but i hope they bring a smile when you see them.